Opera Maine Studio Artist Program

The 2019 Studio Artist Program will present Sumeida’s Song by Mohammed Fairouz. Richard Gammon will direct performances to be held July 10 and 12 at Portland Ballet Studio.

The opera is based on Tawfiq al-Hakim’s play ‘Song of Death’, a classic in Arab theater. Sumeida’s Song follows the return of Alwan, a young man from Cairo, to his village in Upper Egypt. He defies his family’s expectations that he will fulfill an age-old blood feud. Instead, he reveals that the true purpose of his return is to end the violence, and bring light and enlightenment to his village.

Tickets will be available at the door on show nights

Gloria Kim, conductor
Richard Gammon, director

Jessica Bayne Mabrouka
Zaray Rodriguez Asakir
Omar Najmi Sumeida
Mario Diaz-Moresco Alwan

Read more about composer Mohammed Fairouz.

Sung in English with supertitles in English and Arabic

Opera Maine’s prestigious Studio Artist program (formerly known as Young Artist Program) was inaugurated in 1996 and has run continuously except for a brief hiatus during the great recession. It has evolved from being an educational activity for local music students, giving them an opportunity to sing in concert settings, to offering full fledged programs for young professionals who perform complete operas. Many of our alumni have gone on to have successful careers in major theaters nationallay and internationally. Participants also have roles in Opera Maine’s mainstage production, working with Opera Maine’s Artistic Director, Dona D. Vaughn. For more information please contact Opera Maine at (207) 879-7678

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